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  1. Dear Mr. Delillo,

    As so many others, for many years I have admired Henrietta Mears! Her life and work for the Lord has been truly an inspiration and blessing to me!

    Through the years I have searched sporadically and to no avail for any recordings of Dr. Mears’ messages, so I am overjoyed to see here on this sight that you have discovered some of her messages in these recordings!

    I am very interested to know of the progress you making in organizing and making these recordings available to the public.

    I would appreciate so very much a response about your wonderful discovery of these recordings of Dr. Mears.


    Diane Cochran

    • Thanks for your encouragement. I’m making progress in this area. Raw digital copies have been made of everything that was found–totaling nearly 70 messages. The process of putting them in a format that is easy to listen and small enough for the web has taken a lot of time. But stay tuned, I will be releasing some more.

      Much of what she had to say is timeless.

      And you are right–very little is available online. Gospel Light’s holdings are about the only in existence. Further time needs to be devoted to checking into the venues that Henrietta Mears spoke at around the country during the 50’s.

    • Diane–I just posted 12 messages by Henrietta Mears. You can find them by following this link: henriettamears.com/audio Eventually there will be a link to this page on the main page where I will be adding more audio messages. Hope you enjoy them. Please share your thoughts and the messages with others.

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