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Many of these messages encapsulate the ideas and ministry philosophy that propelled the ministry of the Hollywood Presbyterian Church Sunday School from 400 to over 4000 in less than three years and later to nearly 7000. They are ideas that lived beyond Henrietta Mears in the ministry of Billy Graham, Louis Evans, Don Moomaw, Bill & Vonette Bright, Jim Rayburn, Dawson Trotman and many others.

We believe that what is offered here represent timeless truths that are still relevant to ministry today. Please enjoy them and share them with others. We only ask that when you share them that you provide links back to this website and/or properly reference the content so others may discover it.

Previously Published Audio

The following audio files represent messages given by Henrietta Mears that were captured in the 1950’s.  These were originally mastered for records and then for cassettes. The audio recordings below were remastered using the original magnetic tape. The quality of the recordings vary widely based upon the original recordings.  Efforts were made using modern technology to filter out the ambient noise of the recording venues to provide the best possible listening experience.