Billy Graham, Rock of Witness Dedication, Forest Home 1967

Billy Graham, Rock of Witness Dedication, Forest Home 1967

From the files of Dr. Henrietta Mears–called “Teacher” by many she has led to Christ and built in the faith–comes the following personal testimony of evangelist Billy Graham. In 1948, prior to a great crusade in Los Angeles, Dr. Mears invited a young virtually unknown minister to speak at Forest Home, the Christian conference grounds she was instrumental in founding. Here is his account of one of the most important weeks in his life. [Excerpt first published in Teach Magazine, Spring 1962, p44]

In 1967, Billy Graham returned to Forest Home as part of the dedication of the Rock of Witness commemorating this pivotal moment in his life and ministry.  He also spoke at the dedication of the Sermon on the Mount Chapel at Forest Home where he again spoke of the significance of this event and the influence of Henrietta Mears. … Read More

Screen-shot-2013-10-29-at-11.12.29-AMWednesday, October 23rd would have been the 123rd Birthday of Henrietta Mears. In commemoration of the Miss Mears’ impact and contribution to ministry, I thought it was only appropriate to share a passage of scripture that she often cited.

In Joshua 1: 2,3 God says to Joshua:

“Moses my servant is dead. Now therefore arise, go over this Jordan, you and all this people, into the land that I am giving to them, to the people of Israel. Every place that the sole of your foot will tread upon I have given to you, just as I promised to Moses.”

Henrietta Mears led Hollywood’s First Presbyterian Church Sunday School from 1928-1963, founded Gospel Light Press (1933), Forest Home Camp (1938), and GLINT.… Read More

Damon DeLillo, Dr. Dale & Kathy Bruner

Damon DeLillo, Dr. Dale & Kathy Bruner

To the right is a picture of me with Dr. Dale Bruner and his wife Kathy. Among the many people at the 123rd Birthday Celebration of Dr. Henrietta Mears last Wednesday, they shared some memorable stories of Dr. Mears–like chasing a skunk out of Miss Mears’ closet in the middle of the night. (Which is really funny, considering all of the furs that Miss Mears wore.)

Dr. Henrietta Mears in FursAt the celebration I shared some quotes from a letter that Dr. Bruner wrote to Miss Mears in his final year at Princeton Seminary. I thought they were a fitting tribute to some of the important aspects of Miss Mears’ life and ministry. Here’s what Dr. Bruner wrote:

“I have not had a single occasion here [Princeton Seminary] to be embarrassed by my Sunday School teaching .

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What do you think are the most important qualities of a Kidmin leader? How do you find those kind of leaders?

Henrietta Mears shares 5 timeless qualities of a Kidmin leader and why it is important to recruit busy people.

The 5 Most Important Qualities of a Kidmin Leader

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First Presbyterian Church, HollywoodIn the 1950’s, Hollywood Presbyterian Church boasted a Sunday School of over 6000 people. Each Sunday, there were more people attending the Sunday School than the worship services. According to Dr. Henrietta Mears, Hollywood Presbyterian Church Christian Education Director, nearly 60% of the people attending the Sunday school were unchurched. Mears believed that the Sunday school was the most vital way for a church to reach unchurched people and influence the community.  Below is a recording of portions of an interview with Henrietta Mears from November of 1962.  She talks about how the Bible has the answer to the world’s problems, the importance of presenting Jesus to every boy and girl, man and woman.  She also talks about the role of the Sunday school in the church.… Read More

No Longer Silent

Damon Delillo —  October 11, 2013

Reel to ReelIf you have been following the Henrietta Mears blog over the last several months, you probably noticed a slow down in posts lately. About 2 months ago I stumbled upon a box of old audio reels that contained over 70 audio recordings of Henrietta Mears.  So, for the last several weeks I have been converting the reels to mp3, instead of blogging  :(.  In the coming months, I will be releasing portions of messages Henrietta Mears gave in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s on topics ranging from evangelism, teaching, qualities of a leader, Sunday School, college/career ministry, personal evangelism, recruiting volunteers, training etc. . .

Much of what you will be hearing hasn’t ever been released before. Stay tuned!… Read More

Teach And Be A Leader

Henrietta Mears —  August 21, 2013
Click on the image to download the magazine.

Click on the image to download the magazine.

Have you ever thought of yourself as a leader? Every Sunday school teacher is a leader–whether he thinks so or not. You are leading your class in many ways as you teach them God’s Word. Check your teaching against these qualifications for leadership.

Purpose: Most people in this world have no purpose. What is your purpose as a Sunday school teacher? Take a sheet of paper and write down three things you want to see happen in your class. Begin to make them happen. This will help you have a real purpose.

  • Decision and Courage: Carrying out a purpose means having courage to make a decision. Queen Esther had a purpose. She also had courage and made her decision with the comment, “.
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Prepare . . . then teach

Henrietta Mears —  August 13, 2013
Click on the image to download the magazine.

Click on the image to download the magazine.

A prepared teacher succeeds; an unprepared teacher fails. Real preparation involves many things. It does not mean only that the content of one’s lesson must be grasped. You, yourself, must be prepared. “How?” you ask. Let us consider four major points.

The first is dedication–dedication to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Your students must see in you a “sold-outness” to God. There must be a love for Christ that creates love for others.

The second is discipleship. We must not only love Christ and dedicate ourselves to Him, but as the Lord says, “Leave all, and follow Me.”

The third is discernment. The Holy Spirit has promised that He will give us discernment in spiritual matters, if we ask for it.… Read More

Teach the Whole Bible

Henrietta Mears —  August 5, 2013
Teach Magazine, Winter 1961

Click on the image to download the magazine.

G. Campbell Morgan, the great Bible expositor of our century, once told me the weakest link in much Bible teaching is the failure to give students a comprehensive scope of the Scriptures. To teach only isolated facts means there is no logical progression–no comprehensive view of the whole Bible.

It is no wonder that a young man with a  Phi Beta Kappa key admitted to me that, although he had gone to Sunday school all his life, he would probably flunk if he had to take an examination on the Bible!

If students are to understand the great scope of the Scriptures, each lesson must take its place against the thrilling background of the entire Bible.

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It may have stopped raining, but her discipline problems will continue unless this first grade teacher learns some of the “how’s” of teaching. What is her main fault? What characteristics and needs of 1st and 2nd graders is she forgetting?  See below for the answers.

Here’s what’s wrong:

  1. The teacher is reading the Bible story directly from the manual. Lack of eye contact prevents her from being master of the situation. See the article, “Discipline Begins with the Teacher” on page 3 of Teach Magazine, Winter 1960.
  2. Because she is a slave to her manual, the teacher is using no storytelling techniques at all. If the teacher had learned her story in careful preparation for the lesson, she could be telling it in an interesting way, and the children would be paying attention.
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